EEN - Tver Region

In 2015, the EICC - Tver region for the integration of programs to support Russian small and medium business has been transformed into a Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) - Tver region. The Center is an official partner of the Consortium of Enterprise Europe Network - Russia, which aims to promote international and inter-regional business, technological and scientific interaction between SMEs and research institutions in different countries.

EEN - Tver region is supporting small and medium enterprises interested in establishing and developing the business, scientific and technological cooperation with Russian regions and foreign countries, and the promotion of goods and services Tver SMEs to new markets.

Basic services are Tver Center for SMEs free of charge, without any restrictions on the field.

Today, the EEN - Tver region is one of the most effective tools to support and promote small and medium enterprises in the region that are interested in establishing mutually beneficial business, scientific and technological cooperation at the regional and international markets.

For all the years of the EICC - Tver region, and now EEN – Tver region, more than 1,000 regional enterprises participated in international and regional business missions, trade shows, pro-motional events, round tables and conferences on the subject of foreign economic activity, were trained in programs of professional development in the field of foreign trade and also received proposals for cooperation on foreign and Russian companies.

We invite you to take advantage of the EEN - Tver region to search for potential business and scientific and technological partners abroad and in the Russian regions.

Enterprise Europe Network

EEN - Tver region is the official partner of the Consortium of Enterprise Europe Network - Russia, consisting of 600 partner organizations in 54 countries.

Russian network is represented in all regions of the Russian Federation and has more than 40 offices. EEN - Tver region can help you to find business or research and technological partners in Russia and EU countries.